Donkeys, camels,llamas, rickshaws, carts of merchandise pushed by straining boys, eyes protruding like strangled tongues-throbbing red with animal hate. Herds of sheep and goats and long-horned cattle pass between the students and the lecture platform. The students sit aorund on rusty park benches, limestone blocks, outhouse seats, packing crates, oil drums, stumps, dusty leather jackets hassacks, moudly gym mats. They wear levis-jellabas. . . hose and doublet-drink corn from mason jars, coffee from tin cans, smoke gage ( marijuana) in cigarettes made of wrapping paper and lottery tickets. . . shoot junk with a safety pin and dropper, study racing forms, comic books, Mayan codices. . . The professor arrives on a bicycle carrying a string of bull heads. He mounts the platform holding his back ( crane swings a bellowing cow over his head ). Prof : ” Fucked by the Sultan’s Army last night. I have dislocate the back in the service of my resident queen. . . Can’t evict that old gash. Need a licensed brain electrician disconnect her synapsis by synapsis and a surgical bailiff put her guts out on the sidewalk. When Ma move in on a boy bag and buggage he play Hell dispossess that Gold Star Boarder. . .” He looks at the bull heads humming tunes from the 1920s. “The nostalgia fit is on me boys and will out willy silly. . .boys walk down the carny Midway eating pink spun sugar. . . goose each other at the peep show. . . jack off in the Ferris Wheel throw sperm at the moon rising red and smoky over the foundries